Resources for the visually impaired

Sharples Primary School is resourced for the education of visually impaired pupils. The pupils work alongside their peers for the majority of the day, with support from qualified teachers of the blind and nursery nurses specialising in working with visually impaired pupils. In this way the children are able to access the full curriculum. The school has a resource room, which is full of specialist equipment, and our technician works here to prepare work for the children in consultation with class teachers. The resource room is also used to teach Braille.

Our car park is large enough to accommodate the mini buses, which transport the visually impaired children to and from school. Escorts accompany the pupils on their journey to and from school. Other adaptations have been made in the building to take into account the needs of the visually impaired pupils.

We are very proud at Sharples of how the visually impaired pupils are integrated into all aspects of school life and how all the pupils work together and support one another.