Our History

Coat of ArmsThe School Logo is based on the name of Hugh Lupus, a former Earl of Chester who owned this land. Hugh Lupus d’Avranches fought with the invading Normans against the Saxons at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and in 1071 King William the Conqueror created him Earl of Chester. He was nicknamed Lupus from his wolf like ferocity. He died in 1101 and was buried in Chester. His attributed heraldry (a wolf’s head) can still be seen in the Tudor stained glass in the chapel at Smithills Hall in the coat of arms of Ferdinando Stanley, Lord Strange 1572-93, later 5th Earl of Derby.

Later the land was owned by the Ashworth family who established the Ashworth’s British school in 1856. The original schoolhouse still stands at the heart of the old village of Bank Top close by the grounds of the present school. The school has its own playing fields and is set in a community, which is housed in a variety of accommodation. This includes old stone and brick terraced properties and modern homes on the adjoining estates.

Sharples Primary School draws its pupils from the surrounding areas but also from further away. Our visually impaired children are transported from many areas of the town to receive the specialist education we provide for blind and partially sighted pupils. Others travel some distance because their parents believe that Sharples has something special to offer to their children.