Child Protection

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The school has a Child Protection Policy and recognises that under the 1989 Children Act, schools have an important and valuable part to play in child protection. Staff have been trained in Child Protection Procedures. The Headteacher is the Designated Teacher for Child Protection. Parents need to know that schools also have legal obligations in this regard. If a member of staff has reason to believe that the Child Protection Procedure should be activated then the matter must be reported to Social Services immediately. A copy of the Child Protection Handbook is available in school and may be viewed on request.

In order to protect all children at all times entrance to the school is controlled. There is a security lock at the main entrance and only people issued with an electronic fob can gain admission to the school. If a parent wishes to come into school they must sign in at the main entrance and they will then be given admission, but we would ask you to arrange an appointment when teachers are not teaching.