Parents Legal Responsibilities

Table of Contents


Parents are legally responsible for —

Ensuring their children receive education

Ensuring that their child attends school regularly

This means that your child must

Arrive at school on time

Attend school regularly

Be suitably clothed

Be in a condition to learn

Personal Safety

You will be informed by letter if your child is frequently late. Late arrival in school disrupts the lesson and causes stress for the child concerned. The school will contact you if we are concerned by the number of absences your child has had. The school educational social worker also visits school monthly and looks through the school registers. He will contact parents where he feels there may be an attendance issue. This makes it very important that school is contacted on the first day of your child’s absence.

Pupils must remain on the school premises during the day unless collected by a parent or an authorised adult. Children not being met at home time must go straight home. Children who expect to be met but are not must report back to their class teacher or the headteacher. Children are regularly reminded in school about stranger danger and how to stay safe. It is vitally important that you inform school immediately of changes in contact details.

Personal Belongings

The school accepts no responsibility for belongings brought onto the school premises. Parents are asked to ensure all items of clothing and footwear are marked with their child’s name and to check lost property boxes on a regular basis for mislaid items. Valuables and large amounts of money should not be brought into school.


In the interests of safety and hygiene, no dogs are allowed on the school premises except for guide dogs for the blind or where the dogs are in school with trained handlers to enhance the delivery of the curriculum.


The school has a no-smoking policy. Smoking is not permitted in the school building or in the school grounds.