Complaints and Procedures

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The staff and governors at Sharples Primary School are committed to providing a high-quality education for your child in a secure and supportive environment.  Whilst all concerned strive to achieve their best for the welfare of the pupils at the school, it is appreciated that there may be occasions when you have concerns about your child’s education or about particular incidents which have occurred at school.

If such a situation arises, we would ask you to follow the procedure outlined below. If you have cause to complain please contact the class teacher. If the matter is not resolved please contact the Headteacher. You can call into school, get in touch by telephone or send a note. We will deal with your complaint to the best of our ability and, hopefully, resolve the matter to your satisfaction.

If you still feel that your complaint has not been dealt with adequately you should speak to the Headteacher again or write to ‘The Chair of Governors’ via school. We have a complaints procedure that is available upon request from the school office. Alternatively, our complaints policy can be found in the Policies Section.