Our Vision

School Prospectus 2019  



Sharples will continue to be a happy school where everyone is inspired to achieve.


Teaching will be personalised to reflect the interests, talents, social and spiritual needs of children taking them on a journey that explores their world and themselves.

Love for Learning.

All adults will use their skills and passions to inspire and ignite children’s dreams irrespective of age or ability. Reading and a love of literature will be at the base of all learning, firing imagination and aspiration. New technology will support learning as we look to develop the citizens of the future.


Teachers’ talents and strengths will be uncovered and developed enhancing a truly creative curriculum. Learners will feel comfortable in a creative and flexible environment that allows learning to flow freely and without limitation to the classroom or a time. Specialist teaching will enhance learning for all groups of children.


All children and adults will enjoy all lessons and all learning will be valued.


All learners will be supported and challenged to achieve their best and everyone will be encouraged to think creatively and be creative.


Sharples will be a fully inclusive school where children are enabled to reach their full potential, find new interests and talents and are happy to attend. It will be a vital part of the locality that fosters a strong partnership between the community, home and school.