Welcome to Sharples Primary School


The journey of education is life long and we would be honoured to take a few steps ​on this journey with you. Our outstanding curriculum combined with our talented professionals creates a brilliant school for us all.

We are committed to providing an inclusive, happy, safe and caring learning environment where children can develop a love of learning.
We believe relationships with parents, carers and other schools make us stronger and we embrace learning opportunities.

We pride ourselves on nurturing our Sharples family and equipping our children with the skills to be aspirational, resilient and motivated citizens.
I hope that you enjoyed visiting our website and found all the information that you need. I would strongly encourage you to visit our school and look forward to seeing you soon.


Mrs Partington

Head Teacher


Sharples Primary School is proud to be in the top 20% of primary schools in the country for the progress children make in Reading and Writing (2019).

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