Student Agency in Learning – SAIL

What is SAIL?

Student Agency in Learning, or SAIL, is a style of learning which has the learner at the centre of all that takes place.  The learning is a child-centred, highly personalised approach to education pioneered by Kunskapsskolan in Sweden.  Sharples Primary School has been working with Global Spirit Ed and has been developing SAIL over the last 2 years. Each day the children complete a range of SAIL activities which encourage them to work independently to develop their skills across a range of curriculum areas and complete projects linked to previous learning to help them secure knowledge and understanding.

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To complement the SAIL style of learning, all children (Year 1-6) have a weekly coaching session.  Coaching takes place from 8.35-9.05am during our SAIL time.  Each pupil has a weekly session when they are coached by their class teacher either individually or within a small group.  During this time, pupils discuss their goals for the week, they reflect on their learning from the previous week and plan how they can move forward in their learning in a particular focus area.