Our Aspirations Curriculum

The Aspirations Curriculum is Sharples Primary School’s answer to giving our pupils the best possible knowledge regarding what jobs might be available to them in the future. We hope by looking at different jobs, bringing in speakers from these industries and having a go at doing them, children will be inspired to work hard so that they can become what they want to be in the future. 

We hold Aspiration days once every half term, for a full day. Each half term has a different job focus. On the day we study what the job entails, listen to a speaker, look at different role models and link the job to the wider community and how it can contribute to our role as a global citizen. The children produce a double page spread in their Aspiration Curriculum Journal which moves through school with them so that when they leave us they have a record of all the roles they have looked at throughout their time at Sharples.

If any of our parents are involved, or know anyone who is involved in any of these careers, and would be willing to speak to the children about it please contact the school office and speak to Mr Slater who is our Aspirations Curriculum Leader.